Piano and Laylee

 Learning Adventures

Learn About AUP

The book uses the concept that rules are what define a game, what make the game challenging and fun and also prevents confusion and chaos. An extension of this is that other rules help to make living orderly and actions accountable by individuals, such as following traffic lights at intersections.

So AUP policy sets the ground rules for using the computer, whether at school or at home. Children will hopefully internalize a personal code of ethics for proper computer use.

Animal Land is the online site for practicing keyboarding skills in the book. It has different levels, each one with a different title. Prairie Dog Maze is a lower level of skill than Eagle’s Nesting Nook (lowercase versus uppercase letters). It might help to explain to children that Animal Land is the software on the site and there are levels of skill, just as in their video games at home. That should help them understand that Piano’s reason for using Laylee’s password was to get to the higher skill level without doing the actual work.

Big Idea for the Child to Think About:

What is the importance of having and following an Acceptable Use Policy?

Discussion Questions:

  1. Ask the children if a friend came over to play with them and, while playing with a favorite toy, that friend began to bang the toy on the floor for fun, how would they feel? (They will probably feel sad, angry, or mad at their friend for their rudeness and misuse of the children's property.
  2. Explain how this would be an unacceptable use of their toy, wouldn't it? ) Then make the correlation to the fact that Piano was not using his school's computer acceptably when he logged on as Laylee.
  3. Do they think that Laylee was also breaking the school's AUP policy? (this should lead into a discussion of how Laylee, while not at class, was also guilty of breaking the school's AUP policy by giving Piano her logon information).
  4. Why do we need rules for using computers?
  5. What would be some good AUP rules for your computers?