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Guide your children and students to be informed users in the digital age.  Help them build a sense of empowerment to know how to handle online issues.

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Use these friendly pups to introduce your young digital users to knowing who their trusted adults are. They can identify their cyber safety net and be prepared when online.


Be a Safe Kid in the 21st Century!

Through the adventures, help your children and students build an understanding of internet safety, copyright and acceptable use policy respect, netiquette, and cyberbullying. 


 Learning Adventures


Digital Citizenship for Young Readers

Piano and Laylee

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We are excited to have you visit our cyber-community and want to welcome you.  Together, we will explore important digital citizenship concepts for young readers in a pet-friendly environment.  Piano and Laylee are young pups in a 21st century neighborhood who face physical bullies and cyber bullies, learning that they can rely on their trusted adults to help them learn valuable strategies to handle such situations  for the future.